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My Style: Plus Size Swimwear

My Style: Plus Size Swimwear

It took me a long time to admit I am plus-size again. There is such a shame and embarrassment associated with the clothing category, and yet—it exists for a reason. There is nothing wrong with your bigger body. Let me repeat that for those in the back: THERE. IS. NOTHING. WRONG. WITH. YOUR. BIGGER. BODY. Cool, glad we got that covered.

Now that I am more comfortable with the skin I’m in, I have finally decided to buy some plus size swimwear that looks cute, feels nice, and fits my beach bod (which is, of course, a body at the beach). I also want to clear something up here. Just because I am more accepting of myself, doesn’t mean I don’t have any insecurities. I do! I am human! I, for one, don’t love my arms. So I bought plus size swimwear that accentuates my hips and makes my arms look a little more flattering (to me). Nothing wrong with that. And I feel fucking GREAT. Below are some of the plus size swimwear pieces I’ve purchased recently. Hope you enjoy!

Black Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle Swimsuit


I absolutely LOVE this swimsuit! I probably could have gone one size down, but I like to have a little more room in my clothing. The shoulders part of the suit was falling down a bit, but I just situated it more on top of my shoulders when I was walking. I also assume the criss-cross detail at the top probably looks better if you’ve got bigger boobs than me. If you’re looking for a solid black swimsuit, this is the one. AND even better—it’s cheap.

Get it here on Amazon for $25

Floral Off-the-Shoulder Swimsuit


This suit is super colorful and it fits my shoulders the best. BUT, be careful with how you order this! Go for the number range (14-16, 18-20, etc) instead of the Xs (X, 2X, 3X). It feels like nice quality and I love the way it looks with a water backdrop.

Get it on Amazon for $24

White & Green Leaf Swimsuit


It’s funny—when I posted this photo on Instagram, so many people assumed it was a dress! I actually wore it with jean shorts to the Tegalalang Rice Terraces, and it blended perfectly into the scenery. Many people asked me if the white was see-through in the water. To be honest, I have no idea! No one told me otherwise, so…lol.

Get it on Amazon for $18

Candy Stripe One-Shoulder Swimsuit


So I love the one-shoulder element to this, but the swimsuits fit a little too tight for me. I still rocked it as much as I could, but I wish I had gone up one size. But man, the ruffle is adorable! I was also so surprised by the quality of the swimwear considering the suits are very cheap. Definitely read the reviews per suit before purchasing.

Get it on SHEIN for $15

Teal Deep-V Plunge Swimsuit


This suit only goes up to a certain size and it was a little too small for me! It still worked, but I would have appreciated more room. I also don’t know if I can rock a deep plunge?? I still loved it though. The ruffle shoulders are cute.

Get it on Amazon for $19

That’s all I’ve got for now! I’ll update with more links if I buy more swimsuits. Go live your best summer life! And NEVER let the fear of wearing a swimsuit in public keep you from enjoying the beach.

Thank you for reading! Just so you know, I may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.

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