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Life Update: I Got A New Job At Smalls For Cats!

Life Update: I Got A New Job At Smalls For Cats!

After months of unemployment, personal doubt, and increased anxiety about finances and professional capability, I have FINALLY landed a job! Excited to announce that I have joined a startup called Smalls, which is a healthier cat food made to provide quality products that mimic what cats would eat in the wild.

What is Smalls?

Smalls is a new brand of cat food subscription that’s aimed to provide quality products that mimic what cats would eat in the wild. Cats are true carnivores, meaning they obtain their nutrition by eating other animals and they have a higher need for protein than other mammals. So no, you cannot make your cats vegan or vegetarian! It’s seriously not good for them. Cats also mainly get their water through moisture in food. When cats drink water, they’re basically super dehydrated. I’ve been feeding Nala kibble for nine years with zero wet food, but that stops now. The lowest quality wet food is still better than any dry food. Nala has begun eating Smalls and so far she LOVES it! She’s getting all her nutrients and I’m excited to see what other improvements develop with more time and use.

What’s your job?

I am in charge of their social media accounts, along with lots of other things that are bound to come up when working at a startup! SO, if you could PURR-TY PLEASE follow @SmallsForCats on Instagram and like Smalls on Facebook, I would be very grateful.

Can you give me a discount code?

For right now, not exactly. However, you can purchase a sample box + welcome kit on smallsforsmalls.com and get 25% off! Please note, the products are expensive—and the reason why is because we are using quality, human-grade meat with fresh ingredients that require special shipping (which is not cheap). Not everyone will be able to afford this, and that’s ok! It’s really about how much you’re willing to spend on your cat per day and what’s important to you right now.

Are you looking for influencers and journalists to try the product?

You bet!! Obviously we are a work in progress and I’m beginning to figure out logistics, but if you are an influencer or journalist interested in receiving product in exchange for coverage, please email me at arielle@smallsforsmalls.com.

Where can I find Smalls?

It’s available online only at smallsforsmalls.com. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Off-topic, but where can I find the furniture in your photo??

Glad you asked! You can find all my living room decor right here: Home Decor—How We Styled Our Living Room

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