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My Review Of The Weight Watchers Cruise

My Review Of The Weight Watchers Cruise

Yes, I went on a Weight Watchers cruise. Upon hearing this, I'm sure you have a ton of questions:

  • Is the entire cruise all WW users? (No, about 500/4000 were)
  • Is there point-friendly foods available? (Yes!)
  • How was the service? (Excellent)
  • Is it fun? (100%)
  • Is there still a buffet? (Yes, beware!)

Well, it's your lucky day! I am here to chat all about my experience and fill you in on the good and bad (mostly good, though).

Ok, full disclosure: I went on this cruise for free. I was privileged enough to be invited by Weight Watchers and MSC to experience the first-ever WW cruise, and it was amazing. I had a blast! This also happened to be my first cruise ever, and I now see why so many people live for it.

Anyway, I boarded the MSC Divina from Miami, FL and we set sail for 7 nights. I was so excited to be on track while also enjoying myself, but I honestly failed at this. Let me just preface by saying I had just come back from a European vacation, and I was absolutely not in the right mindset when I set foot on that boat. I went straight for the buffet, and what started as sautéed veggies and grilled fish, ended with fries, pizza, brownies, and pastries. It makes me so upset because WW made it SO easy to be on plan, but I just couldn't resist the buffet.

The cruise itself was beautiful! They had these Swarovski stairs (perfect picture opportunities), a very nice gym, an ethereal spa, and an awesome pool deck. I also got my first facial on this cruise and now it's all I ever want to do. Everything was just so relaxing. I wish I could go again in November.

For WW users specifically, there was plenty of activities and food options. This included:

  • Focus sessions
  • Meetings
  • Weigh-ins (not required)
  • Yoga classes (outside on the deck, early in the morning, so incredibly beautiful)
  • Cooking demos
  • Seminars (we even got to ask WW executives questions and address complaints)
  • Onboard cocktail parties and social events (with point-friendly snacks and drinks)
  • Point-friendly foods at the buffet and designated restaurant (breakfast was always the same)

Every day we went to the Black Crab restaurant onboard, and there were designated times for Weight Watchers users to go. They provided a WW menu, as well as their regular menu in case you wanted a treat. All the points were listed and you could order however much you wanted. One of the biggest complaints from people was that the food portions were too small. I do agree to an extent, but if you ordered an appetizer, an entree, a side, and a dessert, then that is definitely enough food.

As for the buffet, it took me five days to find the WW area, and that slowly killed me. I binged so hard every day, and by the end of the trip, I was feeling guilty, disappointed in myself, and just downright depressed. I need to get to a point in my life where my weight and food choices don't dictate my attitude and self-worth. It's easier said than done, but it can certainly be done.

One of my favorite parts of the cruise was the WW Focus session. This is a new development and hasn't been introduced in all markets yet, but I loved it and recommend you try it if available. We basically attended a workshop in which we had to write down how we were feeling in the moment and circle words that we closely associated with. Worthless. Drained. Defeated. Angry. I circled those words with sadness — silently crying, hating myself. Losing weight is undoubtedly hard, but maintaining and not giving into old habits is 100x harder for me. I have not figured out how to handle my binge-eating, but going through this session made me realize that being hard on myself definitely wasn't the cure.

It was just incredibly inspiring to be in that room. There were no judgments, no wrong answers — just love and support. The WW community is what makes this program so special, and it's why I willingly (and freely) promote it so much. 

As for ports, we went to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, George Town, Cayman Islands, Cozumel, Mexico, and Nassau, Bahamas. The one thing I regret about my cruise is doing an excursion at every destination. We often spent more time commuting than we did the activity we signed up for. I highly recommend doing 1-2 very cool excursions and enjoying your other days onboard or at the beach. My favorite excursion was Stingray City and dolphin swimming in the Cayman Islands. The water was crystal clear, the weather was perfect, and the dolphins were ADORABLE. Also, please note that there are no WW meal/snack options on the excursions or off-board at the ports — so plan ahead and know what you're getting yourself into.

Overall, I thought the cruise was an unforgettable experience! I do wish younger peeps had gone so that I could easily connect with them, but there's not much WW can do about that. The cocktail parties were so much fun, the cooking demos were super cool, and the stories people told made my heart explode. There was one story of a leader who went on the cruise because the users in her meetings pitched in to buy her a ticket. Honestly, where else are you going to find a weight loss community as strong as this?

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