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My Style: Plus Size Wedding Guest Attire

My Style: Plus Size Wedding Guest Attire

‘Tis the season to watch all your friends get married and have babies while you’re still questioning if you’re even an adult! Love is beautiful. I love love. I love watching two people who love each other get married. And I love to feel like a fancy queen when I’m attending them! I’ll continuously update this page with wedding outfits I wear throughout time to give you some ideas.


This jumpsuit made me feel like a rockstar! It only goes up to a size 18 (BOO) but it was surprisingly stretchy and great quality. The pants portion felt professional and not like a cheap material. I’m also really into the off-the-shoulder look right now and the lace was a nice touch. I will say that the bottom is a little short and would look better with heels, but I’m not great at wearing heels.

Buy it from Express

Bauble Bar: Rainbow Heart Hoop Earrings


These are a bit heavy, but they are so freakin’ cute! They have them in different colors as well if you don’t want rainbow, but I was looking for something that would go well with a solid black look.

Buy them from Bauble Bar

Aldo: Crossbody Purse


This specific purse is no longer available, but Aldo has a great crossbody collection! I have five purses from Aldo and I always love their styles.

Shop crossbody bags from Aldo

Remington: 1.5-Inch Curling Wand

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 9.26.30 AM.png

Like my curls? I’ve been using this curling wand for YEARS and it still works! Once you get the hang of it, it’s great. My trick is to start curling further down (not so close to the scalp) and switching off directions per chunk of hair. So let’s say you take your first piece of hair and wrap it under the wand, the next piece of hair you do should go over the wand. Maybe I’ll do an actual tutorial on this one day. I also highly recommend the 1.5-inch if you want thicker curls.

Buy the curling iron from Amazon

DIFF: Bella Blue Polarized Sunglasses


I bought these shades a couple years ago and I’ve now purchased them in several colors. The shape is great, the blue is stunning, and they just go with everything! The blue is no longer in stock, but they’ve got pink and other colors.

Shop sunglasses from DIFF

Budha Girl: All-Weather Gold Bangles


If I wear any sort of accessory as much as my Apple Watch, it’s these bangles! I actually received them as a gift way back, but if I had purchased them, they would be worth every penny. They feel great (not hard and doesn’t interfere with typing), they look amazing, and they last so long. I am OBSESSED with these. For real.

Buy the bangles at Budha Girl

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